403 Forbidden to login to Gitlab account?


So I was working on a project with some friends and I tried to clone a repository from our group. However it gave me a 403 error and now me trying to login to the website does not seem to work. I am forbidden each time I try to access the domain while being logged into my account. Is my IP banned? I Have no idea what is happened…


I have the same problem.
have you found the solution ?

This is more than likely a temporary IP block.

They usually happen when we receive unusual traffic from an IP address that the system views as potentially malicious, which may include a high number of failed authorization attempts, API requests, etc. The IP should be automatically released after a cooling period of up to 12 hours depending on the type of block.

We just moved over to GitLab and the team loves it. Unfortunately, this IP block happens multiple times per week in our office of ~20 devs all sharing an IP address. The support team has to grep through logs to figure out which repo is causing the problem. They haven’t been able to provide usernames yet. It is frustrating to be paying for GitLab.com and then get blocked from using it when support can’t give us specific details on what triggered it. We are just informed that it’s possibly caused by some https traffic.

Please send this feedback to anyone that you think may be interested. Thanks.

We are having the same issue like 2 to 3 time a week for 1/2 an hour forbidden . And this is going from at almost an here , time to time developers complain and normally we tell then to proxy over a ssh connection but this is ridiculous …
We are not self-hosted so is there a way to solve this for good ?
(i have read somewhere on self host you can go around with a configuration)
Can anyone from GitLab respond please?

Could more unique information be tied to the IP black list like User-Agent so you don’t ban an entire NAT?