404-Error while registering new GitLab-Runner

Hi folks,

I just upgrade via linux package GitLab 16.6.2 via 16.7.1 to 16.8.1 inclusive GitLab Runner. Then I went to the admin aera to register new GitLab Runner. Opening the registration form to fill in name, tag etc. and tried to register to get the new token I got a 404 for : /admin/runners/NUMBER/register?platform=linux

Same for the edit: /admin/runners/NUMBER/edit

Could it be that my upgrade damaged some internal services?
All other pages in the admin aera seems to work just fine.


Hi there
Did you get any errors during the upgrade? Going to have to look at the logs to figure out what’s going on. Check in /var/log/gitlab

I figured out that I could use the runner adminitration UI under a specific project, so the project UI instead the instance UI. There I could configure the runner to be used by other projects. In an other project I still have to enable the runner for that project. To be precise I used the CMD to add the runner and modified it by the project UI. Some changes I was able to do by REST with Postman too.

I will get time to scan the log tomorrow. But I am very convinced that this is a bug in the current release 16.8.1. If my ugrade would have gone wrong there would be several other issues and not just a very specific one like that. But I will have closer look to the mentioned log file.