404 when creating new project in a group that contains already several

Hi everyone,
When trying to create a new project under a group (that contains already 7 others), I obtain a 404 page not found.
Trying another method, creating a new empty project on Gitlab and choosing the relevant namespace, I obtain message

The form contains the following error:

Namespace is not valid

I have a free plan, I was wondering whether the number of project within a group was limited in this case.
Thanks for your help!

Hey @dphu_eec, welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

Overall, there’s no limit to the number of projects you can create within a namespace and if your group has only seven already, you definitely wouldn’t be hitting it. You mentioned you’re on the Free plan, which would imply you’re using GitLab.com.

If so, would you please submit a support ticket so that we can look into this with more detail?

Hi Tristan,
Many thanks for the reply. A ticket was raised and I got a wonderful support from the team!
It turned out that this was only a group permission configuration to be changed. Something that I must have changed at some point then forgot…
Nothing really serious!
Thanks again,

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