408 error after patching?

We are experiencing an HTTP Error 408 following patching on our AWS managed Gitlab instance. Sudo gitlab-ctl status says everything is running?

We are on Ubuntu 18.04. We are wondering if anyone else iss experiencing and what to try to resolve this?

Patching upgraded Gitlab from 14.0.6 to 14.1.0. That seemed to have been not compatible with something, maybe out Ubuntu version 18.04?

We were able to get back up by reverting back to 14.0.6 and then restoring the Gilab DB from the day before. We would like to know what was incompatible with this.

The same issue on Amazon Linux 2 and update from 14.0.6 to 14.1.X versions

Same here. Has GitLab acknowledged/reproduced there’s an issue with the 14.1.X version?

SSL Ciphers were changed. This link might be helpful: Nginx: modernise TLS config (!5461) · Merge requests · GitLab.org / omnibus-gitlab · GitLab

Update: successfully updated from 14.0.6 to 14.2.2

Yeah we upgraded to 14.2.3 and it worked :smiley: