413 error when attempting to upload a release artifact in GitLab SaaS

Hi! I’m using the GitLab SaaS version for an open source project. I occasionally create releases using GitLab CI pipeline and attach release artifacts to the release.

When I last attempted to do a release, the release page was created, a couple of artifacts were uploaded, but the upload failed for other artifacts. The response code I got was HTTP 413, which would indicate that the artifact size was too big. Checking the other artifacts that were uploaded, they were roughly 10 MB in size. Pipeline results here: https://gitlab.com/polarsquad/eks-auth-sync/-/jobs/2043299944

What can I do to get my artifacts published in GitLab SaaS?

Update on this: The artifacts that were successfully uploaded were roughly 9 MB in size while the ones that failed were roughly 11 MB in size. Maybe there’s a 10 MB upload limit for artifacts? Any ideas for how to increase this limit?

I’ve just hit this exact problem. I’m hoping someone from the Gitlab support team can give us some insight.

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Any word from support?