422 errors when login in to gitlab.com

Is anyone else getting 422 errors when logging in?

I’ve had the same error in 4 browsers, 2 on the laptop, 2 on the mobile…

A colleague in another country also hit the same problem…

Any thoughts?


Same here, however logging in on an account without 2FA works without problems.

Tested on Firefox and Chrome, on Linux and MacOS

Edit: this might explain it:

$ ssh git@gitlab.com 2fa_recovery_codes
Are you sure you want to generate new two-factor recovery codes?
Any existing recovery codes you saved will be invalidated. (yes/no)

An error occurred while trying to generate new recovery codes.
Internal API unreachable

Yeah… maybe that’s the problem? 2FA not working?

Same issue here. Login works on a non-mfa account and fails on a MFA account.
Nobody at gitlab noticing this?

Might be related: 2023-07-10: `check_ip_address_for_email_verification` has locked out users with inaccessible primary emails (#16016) · Issues · GitLab.com / GitLab Infrastructure Team / production · GitLab and it seems like this issue has been closed overly fast

Same here. as my forum username states…

The bot Closed the issue pointed by @darioackermann but it seems it was closed by the bot. the previous message before closing was…

Marking as mitigated, but not resolved. New users are not getting locked out anymore, but we continue to investigate what to do about already-locked-out users.

interestingly the issue was about users WITHOUT mfa, and now mfa users are locked out
it’s a bit misleading to put the status page on the greenest green imo

the issue has somehow been picked up:

indeed, and seems that they have just reverted the change and hasnt hit prod yet.

Which was reverted in gitlab-org/gitlab!126013 (merged) but it has not reached production yet.

Problems shown here: https://status.gitlab.com/

Same here

All working now… just logged in fine with 2FA…