500 Error on GitLab.com?

When I view some of my files and directories on GitLab.com, the website is returning the error screen (error code 500). Was working fine last time I checked a few days ago. No changes to these files or directories. Is the public website having issues?

  • Can clone / commit / push changes without any errors
  • Can view the commit file diff on GitLab.com. However, when you click “view file” from the file diff screen, I get a 500 error.

firstly you should check the status of your git, if it is running in docker, you can see the status with “dcoker ps”, the status should “healthy”, if the status is right, but still see this info, you need to change “unicorn, worker_timeout and worker_processes” to 300 and more than 2 in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, hope this can help you.