500 error when pulling from Gitlab dependency proxy

I’m using gitlab.com with my private group “jessedobbelae.re”. While checking out GitLab 13.7 released with merge request reviewers and automatic rollback upon failure | GitLab I keep running into 500 errors from the Gitlab API. Basically, I try to do the same thing as in the video.

Both in Gitlab CI/CD and locally I can reproduce:

docker login gitlab.com

docker pull gitlab.com/jessedobbelae.re/dependency_proxy/containers/alpine:latest
Error response from daemon: received unexpected HTTP status: 500 Internal Server Error

When I use a proxy, I see the API route that is throwing the error: https://gitlab.com/v2/jessedobbelae.re/dependency_proxy/containers/alpine/manifests/sha256:77593302d30498d9b13d69c2fa68d22fd0e8223a19b51846cbf9c11644958adb

When I visit this page, I get the 500 error web page. I guess something is wrong in the Gitlab 13.7 release (or earlier)? How should I proceed? Wait until the next release? I didn’t find this yet on the GitLab issues.

edit: Created a new public group, when trying to pull from it’s dependency proxy i get a 500 error again. Seems like dependency proxy is having issues?

Not sure if I understand your message @hchouraria ? I did not withdraw my message AFAIK :slight_smile:

I opened a ticket for what sounds like the same issue we hit using EE: dependency_proxy: "no implicit conversion of nil into String" (#296103) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab

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Yep looks like it! Thank you! :raised_hands:

Seems fixed somehow, I can pull my image from the dependency proxy without issues.

docker pull gitlab.com/jessedobbelae.re/dependency_proxy/containers/alpine:latest