500 on group milestones page

Hi everyone,

I’m getting 500 on gitlab.com on a group milestones page. It’s a private group with four milestones. It started more than a week ago, and I taught it’s going to disappear but I keep getting 500. Before it worked alright, we didn’t even change anything.

What works:

  • API request on the milestones
  • web pages of the specific four milestones (groupname/-/milestones/1)

What doesn’t work:

  • web page with the list of group milestones (groupname/-/milestones)

I googled for a solution. There were a couple of 500 errors on the same group milestones page but, in my understanding, no one of them seems to be the same issue.

I’d be happy to provide more information but I don’t know what else could be helpful since 500 is a server error.

Any ideas?


I encounter today the same issue in my group and sub-group milestone pages on Gitlab.com, and wondering if this is a temporary break, and somehow this will be resolved by itself? Individual milestones are accessible, but not the milestone list page, e.g. https://gitlab.com/dashboard/milestones


Hi Jean,

Yes, the 500 error on a group milestone page was just temporary, though it remained a couple of weeks.


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