A note about Licenses and Subscriptions

Hello GitLab Education Forum! Just wanted to drop a post to let y’all know a few solutions to some common issues we’ve seen when you’re using GitLab for your classroom!

License or Subscription Issues

When your campus signs up or renews, it is important to note that the person who applies and signs the quote is generally the account owner and will receive the license (self-managed) or subscription (SaaS) - unless otherwise noted. This person should have an account on customers.gitlab.com. If you need to change the account owner please follow these instructions. More details on managing your GitLab subscription can be found in the docs.

For self-managed, once the license is available, you can download it and then upload it to your server - and off you go!

For SaaS, make sure that your University Namespace (not your personal one) is linked with the subscription in the Customer Portal. The docs have more details on managing your subscriptions can help with some common tasks, like changing the linked account.

CI/CD & Credit Card Verification

We’ve also noticed some problems when students are working on projects outside of the University namespace. Make sure student projects and groups are all within the namespace on the subscription, otherwise users may be asked to “verify” with a credit card. As long as all groups and projects are within the subscribed namespace, the students should not need to verify with a credit card.

We hope this helps! Please let us know if we can help at all. Check out our new landing page and let us you know if you think a colleague would benefit from our GitLab for Education program


Thanks, PJ! Here is a blog post that has more information on how students can still use CI/CD on GitLab without a credit card.