Ability to revoke someone else's approval of an MR

It happens from time to time that I am reviewing an MR and have reasons not to approve it yet, and another developer comes along and approves it while I am doing that.

It would be nice if there was some way to revoke another reviewer’s acceptance. I know that might sound like promoting conflict, but I think it’s much more likely for a reviewer who is being lazy to prematurely accept an MR than for someone to unreasonably revoke a legitimate acceptance, and I think the accepter is more likely to agree with the reason for revoking acceptance than not — or the parties can discuss, come to agreement & maybe accept it again.

It is possible that this capability already exists and I don’t know how to use it, but I don’t see that it exists, and I think it would be a useful addition.

If the goal is to prevent an undesirable merge in such a situation, then the requirement of having to manually hit a revoke button does not truly solve the problem. The merge could be done at any point after the approval, requiring a revert to resume discussion.

Going by your scenario, a regular comment after observing the unacceptable approval could also yield the desired effect, without a formal state transition?

It is common in certain large and distributed team projects for a reviewer to ask an author to hold off committing a change until they have completed reviewing it, even if other approvals may have arrived prior or during. Another approach is to introduce veto-like powers into the decision making process.

I understand (and apologize) that these are not technical solutions to your described scenario.

The thing that just reminded me of this, is I was just reminded to merge my approved MRs. There is no way that I can make my MRs no longer approved so people don’t keep thinking they need to remind me.