About instance statistics, is it possible to set a local lead instead one from gitlab.com?


After to read the documentation about Conversational Development Index it appears that the lead value is not taken from the local gitlab instance but shared across gitlab instances. And these values are used to set the current 100% .

So I would like to know if we can choose leads values from people working into the local gitlab instance ?

PS: local instance means here private gitlab instance

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That is correct, the percentage value is determined by weighing your statistics against the statistics other of instances with the usage ping data setting enabled.

Right now you can’t only use local statistics. I found this issue where someone requested something similar, but it looks like it hasn’t had any activity in a while: ConvDev Index no external access.
I’d recommend chiming in and expressing your interest in the issue.


As a follow up for anyone who may find this in the futue (:wave:):

I’ve updated the Conversational Development Index documentation to more clearly explain how these percentage are gathered.