About the GitLab Government User Group category

Join us as we build a community of GitLab users within Government and Education where peers can share best practices, connect with public sector GitLab Team members and collaborate on how to best serve the public sector.

We are committed to providing opportunities for discussion, education and community building for individuals who serve the public sector.

User Group Values: Transformation, Collaboration, Education, Iteration, Inclusion

Four Pillars of our User Group:

  1. Member Development: Helping our members grow both through both technical and professional education
  2. Outreach: Engaging with the greater Public Sector community
  3. Awareness & Education: Helping to drive conversations on how DevOps can benefit the communities we serve
  4. Contributing: Continue to support the growth and transformation of DevOps within the technical community

Code of Conduct: To ensure a positive experience we will adhere to the GitLab code of conduct found here

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