Accessing Gitlab Pages of Older Pipelines


I have my Gitlab repo running on three time daily(i.e. three different pipeline, P1, P2 & P3) for three different environments.
I have implemented to view the Gitlab pages.
Here the issue the Gitlab pages will only be displayed for the latest Pipeline(P3).

My question here is is there a way that I can access Gitlab Pages for all P1, P2 and P3 pipeline.

Now, I know it is been discussed at many places and one suggestion is to save zipped artifacts and access them. But I am not quite getting the approach.
Can you please redirect me and suggest me on this.

I have index.html which point to my Gitlab pages.

build stage:

    - echo -e "\n Folder name - $FOLDER_NAME"
    - mvn validate
    - rm -rf publicTemp/*
    - mkdir publicTemp
    - mkdir publicTemp/$FOLDER_NAME
    - cp target/test-reports/cucumber-reports/* publicTemp/$FOLDER_NAME

pages stage

    - echo -e "\n Exxecuted in $ENV on $PLATFORM"
    - mkdir public
    - cp index.html public
    - cp -r ./publicTemp/* public
    - echo "ashish's du commands for public and publicTemp"
    - du -sh ./public
    - du -sh ./publicTemp
      - master
      - /^release.*$/
      - public
    when: always

Also, is it possible to pass and persistent variable like CI_PIPELINE_ID to pass to Gitlab pages.

Please let me know if any more details needed.