Accessing Pages returns 404

I’ve been moving over from GitHub and now trying to make a static website hosted from GitLab. I’ve done the following.

  • Created a project and uploaded site files. When I click Projects->Your projects, the repo shows up as: name/
  • I’ve added the .gitlab-ci.yml file to my repo and the job shows successful.

I cannot access the website using, it shows 404.

“Visibility, project features, permissions”-> project visibility shows Private, and below that “Pages” is set to everyone.

I’m also using a custom domain and have changed the DNS records to point to GitLab pages server and added a DNS TXT record to verify ownership. But I’m guessing I should be able to view “” first before worrying about using it w/ a domain.



if the pages validation is not yet there, your project isn’t accessible - I tried that a while ago. Can you share the actual domain so we can inspect the DNS settings, or share the status of the validation itself via screenshot?


Not sure why I still can’t see my website. I should be able to see my website via, but I can’t and this shouldn’t require any DNS changes at all, correct?

Any thoughts on just trying to get viewable?
General -> “Visibility, project features, permissions” --> “Project Visibility” is private, and “Pages” right under that is “everyone”.

I’m sure somehow I don’t understand what the access controls mean. I’m trying to show my websites pages publicly, but yet the source in the repository to my websites pages only visible to members of the repository.