Accidentally created new account?

So here’s the thing, I use google to sign in to gitlab and recently created a new google account which is now my primary account.

I just tried to sign in to gitlab with that account because I couldn’t remember, that I had not done this before with the new account. When I landed on the “agree to our terms and stuff” page I noticed my error and clicked “decline and sign out” with the plan to just check if I could change my name and email on my old account which would be better anyway.

So I logged in with my old google account and tried to change the email but got an error “email already taken”.

What do I have to do to be able to log in with my new google account and keep all my projects?

It sounds like you accidentally did partially create the new account. I would first sign in to that new account you initially created (before you realised the error). Then once logged in, in the top right click your profile pic > then the preference tab > then the preferences button (with the cog beside). Now at the bottom of the page there should be a button for you to delete your account.

Once deleted you should be able to use that email address you used in the new account back on your old account.

Hope that helps.

Only after replying did I noticed the age of this thread. Whoopsie.