Account blocked after addition of an SSH key

Dear all,

I am new to GitLab and I just today created my GitLab account ( I created it through the sign in with GitHub option, and used my GitHub account.

The only things I did with my newly created GitLab account were (in this order):

  • Setting preferences such as avatar, timezone, …
  • Adding additional external accounts (Google and Twitter)
  • Adding an ssh key

After adding the ssh key, I was surprised to find out that my account had been blocked already, and I cannot login through the browser.

However, running:
ssh -T
correctly outputs
Welcome to GitLab, @BrianPulfer!

Any help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Problem solved. I had to contact the GitLab support team. An automatic bot detection tool got a false positive case :smiling_face_with_tear:.