Account cannot be accessed from google login (G suite)

Hi, this is Woo Young,
I had an account connected to my G suite google account
This account was accidently deleted from the user list from, and could not be restored. Therefore I remade the account with same email address, and tried to access my gitlab account by google login, and this obviously didn’t work with following error message.

Is there anyway I can reconnect my gitlab account to this new account? I have lost my original source code, so ones on gitlab account is the only source code I have left. I really hope there is a way I can get my code back.
by the way I have tried to reset my password via my email address, but it didn’t work. I think because it was connected to google account.

@hi8735 It could be that your primary email hasn’t been reconfirmed on GitLab. Do you mind opening a support ticket and choose the "Email reconfirmation issue” as the reason: :slightly_smiling_face:

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