Account Delete/Change


I have a question regarding multiple accounts and what is the best way of doing a complete transfer from one to another.

Currently, I have my personal GitLab account which has less than 20 projects, and my university account which has > 60 projects (including some personal ones).

However, I would like to keep my university account (and make it my main one) by transferring all the projects from my personal one to this one, and then changing its username to the personal one. I’m doing this because transferring 20 projects is way easier than doing that for 60+ projects.

More exactly, let’s say that my username on my personal one is X and the university account is Y.
After I transfer all the projects from X to Y and delete account X, can I change the username of Y into X? Will there be any conflicts with this?

I am trying to see if there is a problem with this before actually transferring all the repos so less work might be done :blush:

Thank you,
Mugurel :smiley:

Currently, the only way to transfer a project from one user to another is:

  1. Create a group for which both users are owners
  2. Have the old user transfer ownership of the project from themselves to the group
  3. Have the new user transfer ownership from the group to themselves
  4. Delete the group

The issue #21432 we are working on would solve the problem.

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