Account has been blocked

I got started to receipt with ssh

remote: ========================================================================
remote: Your account has been blocked.
remote: ========================================================================

when I open with browser, it says:
Invalid Login or password

There is a lot of projects I worked on.

Password recovery option doesn’t work.

How can I recover my access?

Support page says I should post here my question.

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I’m having the same issue. I clicked the confirm email link and I am unable to login. The first time I enter my credentials I get “Incorrect password”, then the second time it takes me to a 404 page.

the same thing

Same issue here

I’m unable to login now.

Hi all,

We recently required some users to re-confirm their email address as the result of this issue which was resolved in a recent release. Unfortunately, the invalid login/password can be a bit misleading. Please request a confirmation email to ensure that your account has been re-verified if you in fact fall into this bucket. This should resolve the problem. If it does not resolve your problem and you’re unable to log in, please feel free to open a ticket.


thanks a lot.
it worked out


funny thing I cannot request a “confirmation email” as it requires to login :joy: :man_facepalming:

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The same issue

Same issue as well, token from the confirmation email is out of date, but it wants me to login to send it, but it won’t let me login cause the account is blocked. NICE…

@clevelandbledsoe I’ve been affected by this and support has not been able to help me. I’ve been locked out of my gitlab account for 5+ days now. I have years of work I can’t access.

Doesn’t work for me. I don’t get a confirmation email. I’ve tried several times

@vorpalhex Can you shoot me your ticket number? I can take a look. We’ve been trying our best to work through them but it may have been overlooked somehow.

@vorpalhex I think I found your ticket and sent a response


Same issue here, I can’t login to my blocked user, so I can’t request the “confirmation email” any way to get around this?



Hi @racovarr, you’re not required to log in to send the confirmation email. You should be able to just go to and put in your primary email if you know what it is. If you’re unsure or don’t receive it you can reach out to support.

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Thanks, as the blocked account is a support account (not my account) is there a way to know the email address for that account? I tried looking at the member page for the user, but it does not show the email. So I can’t request the confirmation email.

You would need to try whatever addresses are known. We can’t provide the email address due to security policy (Unless it was public on the profile) but we can send it to the primary if you open a support ticket to make any guess work easier.


Thanks, where would I open a support ticket?