Activate Server Desk


we’re running the latest version of GitLab Community Edition 13.5.3, and we’d like to activate the Server Desk on our instance. Under the Settings -> General tab of our project, I expect to be able to toggle its activation, but instead I find:

Could anybody please tell us what we’re missing for the activation of Server Desk? Thank you.

Did you click the “Read more” link? Because it explains there that it was introduced in Gitlab Pro, and as of 13.2 it’s now in Gitlab Core. This means you need Gitlab-EE version. Whether some of the functionality is available in the free functionality in EE, I’ve no idea since I don’t use it, I also have CE and it’s not possible for me either.

You can upgrade to EE and use the free functionality and maybe some of the functionality will be there, but I expect from reading that link, some functionality requireds a paid EE version.

Although, I might be wrong, there is some service desk functionality. If I go to a project, and then under Issues, I can see Service Desk here, but I don’t have IMAP configured in the gitlab.rb.

Maybe if you configure IMAP settings in gitlab.rb, and then check the options, maybe the option will become active for enabling/disabling it.

Failing that, I guess it means it needs to be EE version.

Thank you for the heads up, have had little success in getting it to work but will keep on trying.

Hey @chris-steema, did you find a solution?

My problem is different, I can enable service_desk, the problem is getting mail_room to work with our IMAP server, so service_desk does not really work.

I modified gitlab.rb with what I assume is the correct information for the IMAP accounts in our internal mail server (Zimbra) and its the same setup I have in thunderbird that works.

Maybe something about the self-signed certificate and can’t seem to find anyone with that issue.

Hi @luisfranca - I’m afraid I didn’t find a solution to this issue and was not able to get Server Desk working on our instance. Since then we’ve been considering moving our repos to where our test repo indicates that Server Desk there does actually work.