Activity not getting updated for imported projects

Hello, I just discovered this issue. I have GitLab 7.10 Omnibus installed. I have imported several projects from and another installation (was GitLab 6.5 Source which I upgraded to GitLab 7.10 Source and then exported as backup).

When I clone an existing project and I push the changes I do not get any entry in the “Activity” section, neither in the general “Activity” section and nor in the project “Activity” section. However if I go to the project “Commits” section I can see my commits.

That said, if I create a new project, a clone, commit and push then I do get an entry in the “Activity” section!

Does anyone know why I am not getting activity for the projects which I imported (importing a backup)?

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So on GitLab 7.10 Source (which I had upgraded from 6.5) this issue does not exist. The only thing I can think of is that when importing to GitLab 7.10 Omnibus I had to transform the database script from MySql to PostgreSql. Everything seems to be working fine so I cannot understand why “Activity” for old projects is not showing.

Does anyone have any hints of where I can look to try and see what the problem might be?

I’m having the same issue, I converted from a 7.11.4 install to the Omnibus installation and facing the same problem. I can’t close issues from commit, and it also doesn’t send emails on commits like it should be. I really don’t want to go back through and re commit everything.

I have the same issue? Any way to fix this??

same with me - any hints how to fix?
( GitLab Enterprise Edition 11.3.4-ee