AD User bad password count

Hi there,

i have a problem with one single user, all other users have no issues. The problematic user has no differences to other useres, same ldap group, nothing special, the user had no problems and is using gitlab for years…but since a couple of weeks the following problem occures:

the user is logging in successfully in to gitlab, also pull/push with eclipse is ok, but the active directory is counting bad passwords and is locking his account. In Gitlab itself his account is not marked as blocked but in the active directory his account is locked. I can see live, when he is logging in successfully on the web, that the bad password and time is exact the time when he successfully logged in.

No other user have the problem… i am very confused, gitlab is on the newest version, i also removed his ldap uid, system is recognizing his login and attach automatic ldap uid… i cant solve this problem