Add a CRL for ssl client certificates

I would like to use a CRL for my client certificates (internal CA), how to do it please ? (is there a var in gitlab.rb to use ?)
=> My CRL is available on a server, so how could I update it, every day for example ? (cron to pull it?)

Thanks for your help,

GitLab didn’t take care to include that part of NGINX var, but you can easy-lish add a custom parameter with this.

Personally I’d use systemd path to push it from the server to GitLab when there is a change in the CRL.

Ok thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

Thanks _WP for sharing this helpful information. I also want to do that but I don’t understand how. By seeing your reply I think now my problem solve. Thanks again. I am going to try this.

your point, the 7 Best Soundbars Under 200$ seeming related to the answer I gave :smiley: I did not go into detail regarding pushing or pulling a CRL file. (still wont)

The problem with client certificates in GitLab is that you can set one up,
but you cant define a CRL by default.
Using custom-nginx-setting you can add the ssl_crl directive.