Add A Label in GitLab could remove another label

When a coworker added his label he didn’t remove someone else’s label but it appeared that he did. He only added his own label. Could you resolve this? Thank!

Hey @YeyuanNielson, welcome to the forum.

I did a bit of checking around in our primary issue tracker and wasn’t able to find an existing issues for this behavior. I also haven’t run into it myself in my own use of GitLab.

Is the user in question able to actively replicate this behavior each time they go to add a label? If so, a detailed step by step of how they’re doing this (even if it’s simple) would help.

Thanks for looking into it @Tristan . I believe that we all tried to put our labels on at the same time…and when Eric added his, Ethan’s was there but Ivan’s wasn’t…even though it really was…

Not sure if there’s a way to prevent this…

@YeyuanNielson I was thinking that’s what may have happened. There isn’t really a way to avoid that overall but your team shouldn’t run into it too often as the refresh time for an issue once a label is added is quite quick.

We actually encounter this quite often. Hopefully everyone will remember to refresh the page before adding new labels. Anyways, thanks for looking into it!

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