Add a runner to gitlab installed on minikube

I successfully installed gitlab using the helm chart on a minikube environment as per these instructions:

The first document instructs that ‘The gitlab-runner chart is not compatible with self-signed certificates at this time, and as such, should be disabled by setting gitlab-runner.install=false’

I have attempted to manually install a runner after getting the system running, but my attempts fail due to issues with certificates such as…

ERROR: Registering runner... failed                 runner=QFnYqVm3 status=couldn't execute POST against Post x509: certificate is valid for ingress.local, not
PANIC: Failed to register this runner. Perhaps you are having network problems 

Without being able to exercise a CI pipeline, the demonstration I am attempting with this exercise is worthless.

Would someone kindly advise how I can successfully add a runner to my system?



I don’t know much about GitLab Helm chart, but you can run your own container with the Runner and register it to GitLab server:

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