Add Akismet for spam filtering - can not find admin/application_settings

Hi, I want to add to add the possibility to add issues via email to a GitLab project. I have seen the advice to use akismet for spam filtering.

But I really don’t see where to add the Akismet key in gitlab.
I wanted to follow the named steps here:
I am failing in step 4.

1. Go to the URL:
2. Sign-in or create a new account.
3. Click on Show to reveal the API key.
4. Go to Applications Settings on Admin Area (admin/application_settings)
5. Check the Enable Akismet checkbox
6. Fill in the API key from step 3.
7. Save the configuration.

Where can I find application settings?
I am searching settings for the repository, like:
Could somebody give me the full path to admin/application_settings?

@timguysorry that’s not clear :confused:

You need to go to https://your_gitlab_url/admin/application_settings .

Well, step 4 is exactly my issue.
My question is what is “your_gitlab_url”?

If I try the following I always get 404:

Could you give me a specific example please maybe with “yourUser” and “yourRepo” in the url?
Or just tell me the GUI clickable path?

Ok, it seems you’re not using your own GitLab instance (you haven’t installed it yourself), but you are using In that case you cannot access those settings since you need admin access.

If you have spam issues, you can report the users by visiting their profile and using the exclamation icon in the top right corner. Otherwise, you can drop an issue to the support tracker

Thanks @axil. Your are right I am using
I wanted to activate akismet because it was recommended here: when I was activating ServiceDesk

Warning: as the screenshot below shows, this email address can be used
by anyone to create an issue on this project, whether or not they have
access to your GitLab instance. We recommend putting this behind an
alias so that it can be changed if needed, and
enabling Akismet on your GitLab instance to add spam
checking to this service.

Ok, so I will just publish the email adress I got there.

That’s correct :slight_smile: In that case, admins will set that up for you :slight_smile:

We’ll add a line explaining that more Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks for the fast replies and also for transparent fixing documentation for others.