Add Kosovo to the list of countries

Hi all, i was visiting this link:

And i saw the list of countries, but i could not find my country “Kosovo” in the list of countries,

How is it possible to add my country to that list, is there anything i can do to add it ?!



I think it’s not possible to add that country as it’s already included as part of Serbia. Try looking for Serbia and that would solve the issue for you I think


comes 8 months too late and even then manages to draw the insult card and drop it like it’s nothing

My man, Kosovo was a part of Serbia, and declared independence in 2008. It should not be “included as part of Serbia” and should be available as a separate option.
Before you post something related to such “touchy” topics, even if eight months late, please do some research. This is the very first hit I got on google - it’s a platform that is unknown to me, but I partly read the article and it does seem trustworthy to me, so do take a few minutes and read it.

Kind regards.