Add own CA Certificate to Gitlab-Toolbox Helm-Deployment


We have a Gitlab instance deployed with Helm in Kubernetes.

For backup purposes, there is a Minio server outside the Kubernetes cluster. This Minio server has a self-signed certificate.

What is the best way to add our CA certificate to the kubernetes helm deployment of the Gitlab toolbox?

I need our CA certificate in the container of the Gitlab toolbox which was installed with the helm chart.

Currently I have edited the toolbox-deployment by hand and copy the certificate to the right place.

This works so far. However, I have to adjust the deployment again after each update with Helm.

So I am wondering what is the right way to add the CA certificate to the container?

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have a similar problem with the gitlab-agent.

Unfortunately not. We have built a script that is executed after a Helm update. This exports the deployment for the toolbox as YAML and stores the configuration for the certificates in the right place.


I did eventually find a solution for the gitlab-agent, but I am not sure if it will help you.

I’m running into a similar problem …

I have a fresh helm install of 16.0.1-ee – the internally generated gitlab CA is not loaded into the toolbox, which prevents the backup-utility from functioning using the internal minio setup.

How can I make sure the gitlab wildcard CA is loaded into the toolbox?