Additional CI minutes - transfer from group to user


  • we have recently run out of CI minutes
  • we went to the customer portal and bought 1000 minutes
  • we selected the group, were the DEVs are members of as recipient
  • payment was processed and successful

Actual result:

  • the minutes were not available although accounts receivable confirmed that everything alright
  • we tried and again and purchased the minutes for our root user, not the group, this time the CI minutes were available to everyone


  • Background information: we are on a free plan
  • Does anyone know how to get access to the other booked minutes that are nowhere visible?
  • Has anyone experience if it is possible to transfer minutes from a group to a user?

Thanks for your help :v:t3:

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we have exactly the same problem. we purchased 1000 minutes, we have been charged, but the minutes are not available anywhere