Additional dash in commit url after upgrade to 16

example of change after upgrade from 15.11.5 → 16.0.1

Is it possible to revert the behaviour to previous state?

This change have had broken commit URLs in our internal non gitlab system, to which we are writing commit URLs.

Hi @dcit

This change was announced with other breaking changes here and it is not possible to revert.

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Hi @balonik ,
ok, so we need to make appropriate changes in our other non gitlab systems.

Hi @balonik ,

it seems that now there is in action automatic redirect:

In one of our system we still did not make changes of old URLs without “-” to with “-”.

If this new redirection behaviour which got to our system automatically (probably during automatic updates of gitlab-ee package) is permament, then we do not need to do the change.

So is this change permanent?

Hi @dcit

GitLab implemented this redirects, but I don’t know if they are permanent. I was not able to find the related change in code.