Admin account when Gitlab is sync with SAML provider (KeyCloack)


It’s my first message here, so i hope to be in the good place.
How can i login as admin into Gitlab CE (self-managed) when authentication is provided by KeyCloack? I know that group mapping is reserved for premium instance, but is it possible to have a static admin user and an url to bypass KeyCloack login?

Thanks by advance

We had users defined in GitLab (where it’s easy to mark someone as an instance admin), but last year a colleague added login via our keycloak setup, and it just gave an extra button on the sign in page, and doesn’t interfere with our ordinary login procedure (i.e. it still works to enter username and password in those fields on the sign in page <instance_url>/users/sign_in).

So I also expect that it won’t interfere if you go the other way.