Admin/application_settings are not saved / applied

i found no errors in the production log though, the web ui says it´s saved.
its a 2 day old gitlab 8.2.2 omnibus installation,
last change was ssl activation with a wildcard certificate.

Hi, just wanted to chime in, as I stumbled upon the exact same problem with a manual install from


and last change applied was HTTPS redirect, and a self-signed certificate.

This is the weirdest thing – the changes are saved, but they only become visible after a

sudo gitlab-ctl restart

Yes, same thing for me. Restarting seems to help.

i just stumbled upon gitlab endpoint urls in the mattermost configuration wich are still http.

Maybe there are also some endpoints for the admin interface in gitlab wich still don’t have the https in place ?
I dont know where to look for those in configurations really though, dev tools network tab says everything is fine.

Is there an issue somewhere with this behavior? If not can someone open one?