Admin service account getting blocked

I have a service account (sa) that has admin privilege. Lately it seems that GitLab is blocking this account for no obvious reason. The user is both blocked when trying to push/pull from a repo & when trying to access the API, and here is where things are getting weird:

  • User does not show up as blocked in the admin panel
  • No reference for blocking the user in the logs
  • When the user ssh in the GitLab VM it’s automatically unblocked.

This account is a very old account and only recently we started experiencing this issue we are running the 14.4.1 version

We updated to the latest version 14.6.2 version and the issue is the same.

Can you share the messages you get when trying to use the account in question? Preferrably also the commands.

What do you by “automatically unblocked”? Users on the machine (whether virtual or not) GitLab is running on are not related to GitLab users.

Oh Hi @grove missed your question.

The problem is still present the message I get when trying to do anything from the API
message: 403 Forbidden - Your account has been blocked.

The same Your account has been blocked is when I try also git operations (using ssh).

After a random amount of time the user can perform the same operation. Also the user never appears as blocked in the admin panel.