After buying additional 1000 CI minutes jobs stick in pending state

Hi, after spending the 2000 free minutes of the CI on my group, I bought additional 1000 (8$) minutes, but since then I am unable to run the jobs. The notification that no more minutes left and the job is pending due it was removed, but the pipeline never starts.
What is also strange is that now the pipeline quota report changed to look like the following:

Like all the free usage passed to the payed one.
Any idea why this is happening?


We have the same problem here. We ran out of minutes, bought additional one but they haven’t been added to the quota (we did finished the transaction and received the invoice). It really sucks not to have a CI pipeline anymore. Any idea when you can resolve this problem guys?

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Same here, this should really be fixed by now. Is there a way to contact gitlab direct about this?

I have the same

Thanks for the heads up on the forum, sorry to hear you’re affected by this. It has been reported as an issue and we’re looking into it.

In the meantime, please feel free to add your feedback as comments in the issue. It seems the issue has been reported against the GitLab Customer Portal, which is a private project. We’ll update the thread with more info.

Update: the private issue was moved to a public one at:

Hello Robert and everyone else, feel free to contact our support via We’d love to help you out.



I am open Ticket on GitLab Support Center, and problem continue.

When is this issue expected to be solved?

Same problem here!

Same problem. Any updates on this, when would this be fixed?