After changing instance type of Gitlab-ce , gitlab-ctl cmds not working

Hi Team, We are using omnibus gitlab-ce 14.9.5,Due to slow performance of gitlab ce we have updated the instance type to m5.xlarge and after that when we run gitlab cmds it doesnt work.

gitlab-ctl status
gitlab-ctl: command not found

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info
sudo: gitlab-rake: command not found

Initially we where using T series and now we have moved to m series , we see the directory structure in /opt/gitlab/bin/ doesnt not exist

Does /etc/gitlab and /var/opt/gitlab also exist? Or are they gone too?

What cloud provider? I’ve known some cloud providers to have a local disk option, but any action like shutdown, restart, upgrade of instance will cause the image to be reset. So it would be interesting to know if the upgrade replaced the base image disk with a new one, rather than upgrading and using the existing one.

@iwalker what we found the t2 large was using /dev/xvdf entry in fstab and with the modified instance m5.xlarge the block device was showing nvme1n1 so we made entry in /etc/fstab as /dev/nvme1n1 replacing /dev/xvdf and it started working

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