After updating, Two Factor Authentication breaks, cannot be setup again

The past two times I have updated Gitlab, first to 8.11 and then to 8.11.7, the Two Factor Authentication codes generated by Google Authenticator, set up through the barcode method on my Gitlab instance, have stopped working. The first time I had to completely disable 2 factor auth to log back in and was then able to set it up again, this time I used a recovery code (which works fine) but after disabling 2 Factor Auth and attempting to set it up again every code being generated is still invalid. Luckily it’s failing on the confirmation step of enabling two factor auth again so I haven’t had to use a recovery code or disable it globally again, but this is still an issue.

Current Gitlab version: 8.12 Community Edition
2 factor app used: Google Authenticator for iOS
Mobile OS version: iOS 10 (was still running 9 when it broke the first time)