Agentk - visualizing the cluster state in the GitLab UI

The documentation at Using GitOps with a Kubernetes cluster | GitLab says

agentk simplifies the Flux setup, provides cluster-to-GitLab access management, and visualizes the cluster state in the GitLab UI.

I have agentk installed and it appears on my project > Operate > Kubernetes clusters

I don’t see anywhere any visualization of the cluster state, what do they mean by visualizes by cluster state in the GitLab UI?

I found this demo Kubernetes Environments Visualisation and How We Do It at GitLab by Anna Vovchenko and Viktor Nagy - YouTube

The visualization should appear in Deployments > xxx > Kubernetes overview and show things like number of Deployments,ReplicaSets,etc indicating if there are failing deployments, etc

Here is an screenshot of the demo:

The demo is from 3 month ago, there is also another talks at GitLab + Flux! - Priyanka “Pinky” Ravi, Weaveworks & Viktor Nagy, GitLab - YouTube where they talk about roadmap/timeline and mention that they have a feature flag that should be out around (july 2023)