Agetty for user git full mem and swop

Hello! I’m in trouble, I don’t understand what I need. The agetty process is started from the user, git eats up all the memory and swop, after which gitlab crashes with error 502. What I have done at the moment from not knowing. I removed the agetty package from the services, and everything worked fine for a week, I didn’t notice any problems, but a week later the problem repeated itself and I observe agetty again in the processes, while no one installed anything, as well as there is no agetty program in the installed services. Not a long search found the agetty directory, completed the process and renamed the directory, now silence again, but for how long? Who can tell me why git launches and installs agetty and why it eats up so much memory killing all the work of gitlab ?

Git user should not run any processes. Your server has been compromised, and that is a process pretending to be agetty, which is actually a cryptominer. See this post: CVE-2021-22205: How to determine if a self-managed instance has been impacted