All accounts blocked after upgrade to 10.4

Hi, I have installed GitLab CE on my server using Docker. Everything worked fine but after I upgraded to GitLab 10.4 I cannot log in with any user account not even with Admin account. I have setup login with LDAP server but I enable also standard login. When I try to log in with LDAP I see:

Access denied for your LDAP server.

when I try to login with standard login I see:

Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.

But I am administrator and I cannot login even with admin account.

Thanks for help

Same here. Had to rollback to 10.3.

Did debugging with LDAP admins, they didn’t see any issues on their end.

GitLab application log was throwing errors in this format
January 23, 2018 15:20: LDAP account “dn string” does not exist anymore, blocking Gitlab user “User Name” (User email address)

I confirmed that parameters were working with ldapsearch. So reverted back to 10.3 and it works just fine.