All users unable to add new members to project

Im head admin for project with a few of us in there previously able to add users to the project and others outside able to remove and add permissions to new users, however all of a sudden, nobody in the entire project can add users and the account holder for the project for cant remove any of the admins in the /MMD-Dev project to re-add them, so we’re wondering if somewhere the permissions for everything has gone completely haywire

I have the same problem. I’ve opened a ticket but got no answer from anyone at

My ticket:

I’ve tried adding members to a project via the API but that throws a “405 Method not allowed” error.

@Morpheus1101 did you manage to find a solution to managing users?

I did find a solution to my problem. It had to do with group and repository sharing ability.

It was this “Prevent adding new members to project membership within this group”

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