Allow single repository external access for internal only gitlab deployment

My work group like to be able for everyone to see everyone’s work, and the internal-only setting seems to work well.

Now, however, we would like to grant external collaborators access to individual repositories without granting them access to everything.

Is this possible? Is there a possible workaround with gitolite? Any help is greatly appreciated!

You can assign different members, different permissions on GitLab. Check out the permissions guide: to see if you can derive a particular use case from that.

If not, feel free to ping me :smile:

Yes, I’ve definitely scoured the permissions guide, however no specific permissions combination meets all of our needs. In particular we want:

  1. Everyone in my group BY DEFAULT can see, pull, etc. everyone elses repositories
  2. People outside of the group are allowed per repository access
  3. Repositories can stay within the namespace of the user who made them

With INTERNAL ONLY, criteria 1. and 3. are satisfied, but not 2.
With a group within gitlab, criteria 1. and 2. are satisfied, but not 3.

Do you know any other way?