Alternative from pulling the docker image in every job

I am using docker in my CI/CD. In the deployment step the pipeline pulls an oracle linux image then I yum install some packages to use in the deploy process. This takes a lot of time.

So I wanted to know if there is a way to save or maybe cache the oracle linux image with the installed packages to make the process faster.


The dependency proxy can help cache Docker images. Alternatively, import the container image into your local GitLab container registry. More tips in Pipeline efficiency | GitLab

Thanks for your reply.
Does this work the same for self hosted gitlab?

The Dependency Proxy and container registry are available for all tiers and platforms, so yes, self-managed platforms can use it as well.

We saved a lot of time following this advice:

It’s usually much faster to download a larger pre-configured image than to use a common image and install software on it each time.

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