Always getting message advertising Auto DevOps after ignoring it

Whenever I load up a project on, I see a message advertising a service caled Auto DevOps. It has a little x icon I can click on in the top right corner of it to close it. I would assume that it would then never show up in the future for that project, but it always does. I find it even shows up during the same browser session. I’ll log in, open a project, dismiss the advertisement, then later go to another project, then come back to the original one, and it’s back, I have to dismiss it again. It’s pretty annoying, especially because I find that it takes up a lot of vertical whitespace, so I absolutely have to dismiss it in order to properly look at my repo contents.

It contains the following text, to help clarify what I’m talking about:

Auto DevOps (Beta)

It will automatically build, test, and deploy your application based on a predefined CI/CD configuration.

Learn more in the Auto DevOps documentation