Am I the owner of these repositories?


Im new to Git and I’m also new to this forums so I apologies in advance if this is not in the correct section.

If you look at the screenshot you can see I have several code repositories in my account.

Can someone please confirm if Im the owner of these repositories?
I have imported the repository from by bitbucket account using the import feature.

The same repositories are original on bitbucket and it is held on my developers account. I had problems in past where i forked the repository so i own them but then if the developer had removed from his account, it would also remove from my account.

I dont want to be in the same situation again. So can someone please confirm that if the developer deletes the repository from bitbucket or removes my access, it will not affect on gitlab.


It doesn’t look like you’re the owner of these projects, no. You have “Maintainter” next to the project names. On my list of repositories, it says “Owner” against the projects that I actually own, and “Maintainer” or “Developer” against other projects.

You should be able to go into the project and look at its list of members, and see who’s listed as an owner on each one.

In general, I wouldn’t expect a project to dissappear from GitLab just because someone deleted the original from BitBucket, even if the GitLab project was a fork of the BitBucket one. But I don’t know enough to make a promise.

That is not entirely true, however. It is as you say for projects under a group, but for projects under your own user you are reported as “maintainer” and not owner, so it depends on if OP has imported under its own profile or under a group.

As an example, I post a picture of a personal project of mine, where I am the only contributor and “owner”

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