Сannot access to local gitlab server via SSH

Looking up for some help with ssh access

I’v got a centos 7 physical server in local network of 2 computers, static ip, and remote server with project (also centos)

Installed gitlab on centos, forwarded external port 8686 to internal port 77 port on router

Everything is working now by http:

git remote add origin http://123.456.789.101:8686/user/project.git

Now I’m trying to make access via SSH

I’v generated .pub key with ssh-keygen on remote server, copied it to gitlab webinterface

Now, when I’m trying to check connection with port:

ssh git@123.456.789.101:8686

I’v got :“Name or service don’t known” error

without port or trying to add git@ remote:

ssh git@123.456.789.101
git remote add origin git@123.456.789.101:8686/user/project.git

I’v got :“Connection timed out” error

What did I miss and how should it work?