Announcement for october / Now we are near the end of November

Anniversary announcement. Highly outdated. Maybe its time to remove it?

And you are referring to what exactly? Might help if you posted a bit more information so that people know what you are talking about. I don’t see any such announcement, but then perhaps I saw the announcement when it was released in October and it doesn’t show for me anymore. Maybe you can provide a link to it?

Hi, thanks for flagging.

Since the 10 year celebrations continue, I think we can keep the banner for a while, I’ll edit the text to make it more clear.

You can manually remove it by clicking the X - @iwalker you probably did that.



Yep, this was what I was referring to in my post and closed after reading so doesn’t appear for me anymore. Which is what the OP could have done since they are a new user here, and such important notifications would show until they dismiss them like most people would have done :slight_smile:

Every time I click on X button ( close ) and I refresh page, announcement reappears.

@awslabspl Maybe Discourse as the forum platform caches it somehow. I’d recommend clearing your local cache/cookies.