Antivirus Gitlab server and performance

We have Sophos installed on our linux box and we tried to exclude /opt/var/gitlab. Is there another folder that should be excluded to increase performance? Or any recommendations?

Currently doing some merge/rebase and checkout we see a lot of CPU Spikes to 100+%.


I don’t know Sophos, but is there a sleep/pause mode you could use when doing expensive Git operations? If not, you could look at renice to reduce the priority of Sophos (I guess scans will take longer, but perhaps that is an acceptable trade-off).

This is mainly on the gitlab server. If devs are rebasing a branch to merge or performing an expensive git operation the scan runs up the CPU and the UI doesn’t even get back confirmation the task is completed.

Yes, I assumed it was on the server, and I was wondering if Sophos had a mode (temporary or permanent) to reduce the contention it puts on the CPU?