Any way to allow inline editing of a MR?

For internal teams, very often a lot of MR comments - for better or worse - are ‘nit: add final keyword’ or ‘nit: unneeded whitespace’. They often represent changes the author is 100% likely to take and there will be no debate about their value. But the comments themselves can clutter up the review, making it harder to read for others, and require impede a MR from making its way into master.

So…why not just allow the reviewer make the changes? They presumably can already by modifying the branch being merged, but can this just be supported in the merge review UI?

Hi @rrolnicki

I think you are looking for MR suggestions, which are quite a recent feature (and a very welcome one!).

Indeed! I guess I’m not the only one to come up with this idea :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the reference - look forward to trying it out!