API call error "500" for Gitlab instance

Hi Team,

Have tried setting up a private Gitlab server v13, and have also configured pgsql database v12, externally on a separate instance. All the pre-requisites for setup of pgsql db were met and and was configured with gitlab successfully.

While testing the api calls to the Gitlab instance, getting the following error:
— Gets the list of users — (works)

-[ Message: 500 Internal server error]-

But, however, for the below it works:


A direct api call to projects seems to throw the “500 Internal server error” message

Have tested this with all versions/releases in GitLab v13*

Below was given in gitlab.rb to configure externally:

Disable the built-in Postgres

postgresql[‘enable’] = false

Fill in the connection details for database.yml

gitlab_rails[‘db_adapter’] = ‘postgresql’
gitlab_rails[‘db_encoding’] = ‘utf8’
gitlab_rails[‘db_host’] = ‘IP_ADDRESS_OF_PGSQLDB_SERVER’
gitlab_rails[‘db_port’] = 5432
gitlab_rails[‘db_username’] = ‘USERNAME’
gitlab_rails[‘db_password’] = ‘PASSWORD’


Is it an issue with Gitlab server? Or something else needs to be added/configured?
Please do help in understanding the cause of this. Any comments/resolve/fixes are much appreciated.
NOTE: The pgsqldb was configured exactly as required and mentioned in the gitlab documentation

Thank you